Released as a beta test.

The weigh in feature of HereNow Referee allows you to record the weight of an athlete or boat as well as any deadweight given to a coxswain. Any deadweight information is transmitted to all other referees on the course so that they can make the appropriate checks.

To get set up for conducting weigh-ins:

  1. Open the Referee application

    Go to Referee

  2. Select the race from the dropdown
    Referee Race Dropdown
  3. Click the Weigh-Ins tab
    Select Weigh Ins Tab

After you are in the weigh ins tab, you are ready to go for any athletes who approach the weigh in table.

To conduct a weigh in:

  1. Find the flight and then the entry that the competitor is in
    Find Entry

  2. For an entry, there will be three types of weigh ins available. Boat, Coxswain, and Crew:Three Types of Weigh Ins
  3. For a boat, simply click Conduct Weigh In in the Boat section and enter the weight. Optionally add the name of the boat for reference at a later time.
    Boat Weigh In
  4. For a coxswain or athlete, click Conduct Weigh In in the appropriate section. Enter the athlete’s weight in the units provided (lbs, kg) and click return.
    Weigh Coxswain or Athlete
  5. If a coxswain does not make weight, he or she must carry a deadweight on the course. To assign a deadweight to a coxswain, click “Assign deadweight” enter the number of pounds or kilograms, and then give the physical weight to the coxswain.
    Assign Deadweight

Once the weights are in, the heat sheets for start & finish will show that someone has weighed in. If the entry has a deadweight, then the deadweight will show up for people at the starting line.
Weigh Ins on Heat Sheets

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