At the beginning of the day or the beginning of a timing shift, you’ll configure the Timer app.

The configuration panel is in the box at the top.

Location of Config Panel

Click on the button to the left to open the configuration panel.

Open Config Panel

Now configure each of the settings in the config panel.

  1. From the Race dropdown, pick the race you want to time.
  2. From the Station buttons, choose your location on the race course; starting line, finish line, or even split times in the middle.
  3. From the System buttons, choose which time slot you will use to save times. T1 is primary, T2 is backup. You can have more backups as T3 or T4 as well.
  4. For Timing Mode, choose whether you are doing time trial timing or sprint timing. The Time Correction indicates how much the app had to be synchronized by.

Config Panel

Sprint vs. Time Trial Timing

It’s worth talking a little about the difference in how the Timer app handles sprint and time trial timing.

For time trial timing, as any boat crosses the line, you’ll take a time and enter a bow number. The iPads are automatically synchronized with each other so you don’t have to do the old fashioned “1, 2, 3… Sync!” like you did with stopwatches. All bow numbers are loaded in and expected to be unique, so you don’t have to worry about choosing a particular flight and boats are free to start out of order and pass each other on the course.

For sprint timing, you have to select the flight you are timing and the timing works different at the start and finish. At the start, you’ll click the button just once for everyone. For sprint timing at the finish, you’ll click the button once for each entry that comes through the line, and then enter a bow number for each one. The start times and finish times are then combined on the server.


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