It’s helpful to understand the basics of how the system is structured.

A race e.g. Club Nationals can be over one or more days and consists of many events (Men’s 1x, Women’s 8+, etc..). Teams will register entries for one or more events. Sometimes an event will be broken down into multiple flights in a progression. In sprint races, crews are aligned side by side to start the race. The entries in sprint races will be given bow numbers per flight within an event. In head races, we don’t differentiate between flights and events. They are simply events. Some sprint races have such large numbers of entries that they have time trials instead of heats as the first round of racing. In our system time trials are often treated like head races in terms of layout of entries on screen and paper, and they are similar in terms of how the entries are timed.

The types of displays and printouts vary for the different types of races, but have some similarities. For each race, there is a simple schedule that is produced by the system and maintained during registration. At the end of registration, we prepare heat sheets. Traditionally the term “heat sheets” has just been used for sprint racing with lanes, but the term has grown to also include the bow number assignments for head races and time trials. HereNow’s heat sheets support both will include both horizontally laid out heat sheets for sprints and vertically oriented heat sheets for head races and time trials. The times for sprint races, head races, and time trials are all available in our results pages.

For integration with video, there are different methods depending on whether you are streaming or creating traditional TV. For streaming, we advise the use of Wirecast. The easiest method of integration with Wirecast is to put results on a laptop and use the screencast feature. A more sophisticated method is to use Sportzcast integration. For traditional TV, use a Chyron system with our chyron formatted data feed.

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