Before assigning bow numbers using the automated tools, you have the option of entering seeding information for the entries.

The seeding information feeds into the automated bow assignment tools. For each event, the automated tool will first lay down seeded crews across the initial flights in the highest priority lanes. After the seeded crews have been assigned bow numbers, then all other non-seeded entries will be assigned random bow numbers. If there are no seeded entries, everyone is assigned random bow numbers.

To set the seedings of the crews:

  1. Open Race Director
  2. Log in
  3. Choose the race from the race dropdown (assumes the account has access to the race)
  4. Click “Registration” in the top navigation menu
  5. Find the event which contains the entries you want to seed
  6. Click the arrow on the right-hand side of the event to see the entries for the event
    Navigate to Entries
  7. Enter the crew seedings
    Seed Entries

When the automated tool for bow assignments is run, the seedings will be respected.

Note: Currently the automated tools for bow assignments are only available to HereNow personnel. Contact HereNow when you are ready to assign bow numbers.

As an example, say these are the seedings for the entries:

  • Red Crew (seed: 1)
  • Orange Crew (seed: 2)
  • Yellow Crew
  • Green Crew
  • Blue Crew
  • Indigo Crew
  • Violet Crew

Crews Red and Orange will be seeded in the highest priority lanes and the Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet crews will be randomly assigned to the other lanes.