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The medium race course on the Rower Fun venue is 1800m in length and has a few turns and a bridge. This document shows you a course map, the main landmarks, and the traffic pattern.

Course Map

Starting Chute

When you get to the starting line, the boat will not be able to move until the starter starts you. When the starter starts you, you want to bring the boat to full speed by the starting line which is the red buoys.

Split 1: The Old Barn

The first split is at the old barn several hundred meters in. The timing lines for all start, splits, and finish lines are the red buoys.

Split 2: The Bridge

The second split is on near side of the bridge.

Note the traffic pattern for the bridge. There are rocks under the first arch, so use arches 2 & 3.

A 1 min penalty will be assessed for violating the traffic pattern and going under the wrong arch.

After the bridge, coxswains should be on the rudder to port for the turn.

Finish Line

The finish line is a couple hundred meters after the bridge and is designated by the red buoys.

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