A Race Home Page is the central page for all of your regattas year after year. If you host multiple regattas per year or have hosted regattas over several years with HereNow, then you should create a Race Home Page to link them all together. The following instructions describe how to set up your Race Home Page to.

Creating the Race Home Page

To create your race home page, ask HereNow support to set up the page. This can be done at any time before the regatta has happened or after it as you prepare for the following year.

Editing the Text and Pictures

A person with Race Director access to any of the races linked into the home page may edit the Race Home Page.

To change the pictures, send the pictures to HereNow support so we can make them available on our CDN. Craft a logo that would fit in a 150 x 150 square and and panoramic view that is 960 wide and max 350px tall. The logo does not have to be square, but we’ll shrink it down so it fits in a 150 x 150 container. The more square it is, the better it looks on the web site.  The panoramic photo should be 960 pixels wide. It’s a big enough piece of the page that we don’t want to put up a small low resolution image.

The text may be edited by anyone who has access to the edit the page. To do so, click the edit button just to the right of the panoramic image. If you don’t see the edit button, you should make sure you are logged in with an account that has the proper access level.

Edit button on Race Home Page