Sometimes when a flight finishes, the results deserve some type of explanation or further information. The Public Note feature gives you a flexible way to do this. It is useful when a referee must invoke the Restoration of Fairness rule, there is a relegation, or there is a photo finish.

To enter a public note when signing off on an event, do the following:

  1. Open the Referee app
  2. Switch to the Timing tab
  3. Select the correct flight
  4. Scroll down to the Official Sign Off section
  5. Enter a phrase in the Public Note text box
    -> The phrase will appear in the results in the header for the flight

An example of adding a public note to indicate that a race was cancelled would look like this:

Cancelled Race

And in the results it would appear like this:

Public Note

In addition to writing a text note, the Public Note may also contain links and icons which can be an extremely powerful combination.

You can enter an HTML link to something else in the Public Note and it will be rendered as a link in the results. To enter a link to a photofinish picture on Facebook, enter something like the following:

<a href=””>Photofinish</a&gt;

And it will look like this:


The href points to the picture. Post the picture on Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, etc… If you have a long URL, then use or to shorten the URL. The result is a clickable link in the results.

Photofinish Photo

This link can be made more interesting by including an icon. Here is an example:


You are allowed to use any icons available from Font Awesome.

Font Awesome

An example of a link that uses a picture of a video camera is the following:

<a href=””>Photofinish <i class=”fa fa-video-camera”></i></a>

With great power comes great responsibility. Don’t abuse the power of the link!

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