The Penalties page may be used to enter penalties for the crews.

penalty page

To enter a penalty:

  1. Select the flight
  2. Find the entry
  3. Click Assess Penalty
  4. Fill in the information in the dialog box
  5. Click OK

Simple Penalty

Multi-Offense Penalties

To assess a penalties like a Buoy penalty multiple times, use the Number field in the Assess Penalty dialog. For example, this picture shows how to assess a penalty for missing 4 buoys.


Marking an Event “Official”

Head races typically send all penalties to a central location for entry into the system to make sure that duplicate penalties are not given. After penalties have been entered for an event, there is usually a period of time during which the competitors may appeal a penalty. After that period has passed or if there are no penalties for an event, then the event may be marked “Official”. For sprint races this is done in the Timing page. For head races this is typically done from the Penalties page using the Status dropdown:

Update Flight status on penalty page

Penalty Types

Each head race has their own penalty types. There are common types of penalties, but the details of the types and the times associated with each penalty are rarely the same from race to race. The race director or chief referee may define the penalty types for a race on the penalty page.

Penalty Types