The Bow #’s page operates like a editable heat sheet.


To set bow number assignments:

  1. Open the Race Director app
  2. Select the race
  3. Make sure you have entries and the schedule in place
  4. Switch to the Bow #’s tab
  5. Find the flight
  6. For each lane, select the entry from the dropdown
  7. The lane assignments are not immediately available to everyone to see. When done with all the lanes for all of the flights, click the Public checkbox to make the lane assignments publicly available.

To remove a lane assignment, simply change the lane assignment from the entry to “–“.

To update the status of an entry within a flight, change the status dropdown. If you are scratching an entry in a sprint race, make sure it does not change the progression or balance of the flights. See the progressions documentation for more information on maintaining the integrity of your progressions as you add and remove entries.

As racing progresses and flight results become Official, those lane assignments will become read-only.

The Bow #’s page works for both time trials and sprints. When working with a time trial, the view is vertical to accommodate any number of entries in an event.

Time Trials vs. Sprints


To add a new bow assignment for a time trial, click the green plus sign.

To remove a bow assignment from a time trial, click the red X. If the bow numbers have already been posted for a time trial or head race, consider leaving the bow assignment in place and simply setting the status to Scratch.

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