One key to keeping the iPads going all day is to have enough electricity to get through racing. When using the iPads, the screen and data connection (cellular and wifi) are the things that use up the battery. We tend to keep the app running and screen on all the time to make sure the apps get all of the updates from the servers. The more active the race, the more the more data is exchanged. These things tend to use up the battery more than typical usage, so we estimate that we get 4.5-5.5 hours out of an iPad Air. iPad Pro’s tend to use up the battery a little quicker because they have a faster CPU and more actively manage the screen. Use an external battery or plug the iPads in to keep them charged up. We use primarily Anker 10050 batteries.

The Elements

Being outdoors during regattas requires more preparation. There’s a lot to think about: rain & splashing water, dust & mud. We definitely do not recommend using any tablets or smartphones without protection at outdoor events. So, always use a case. It is worth the investment to get a waterproof case if you’re going to be at lots of regattas. We recommend LifeProof cases for mobile devices. Also, if you’re going to be using devices for large amounts of time on the water, get the extra LifePreserver case to make your mobile devices buoyant.

During the summer months, there is another thing you’ll need to watch out for. Mobile devices will overheat when left in the sun. There are a couple easy things to do:

  1. Turn the iPad over so the screen doesn’t face the sun. The screen absorbs light and heat more quickly, while the back of the iPad is more reflective.
  2. If you are a referee and have a clipboard with heat sheets, simply put your heat sheets on top of the iPad. The white color of the paper will reflect the sun like white shingles on a roof.

WARNING! If your iPad overheats, some people will dunk them in water as long as they are in a waterproof case. Be very careful to seal up the waterproof case if you do so! If the charging door is open on the bottom, water will get in and ruin the device!