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The app runs on iOS or Android. Contact HereNow at support@herenow.com for access to the app.

If you haven’t already created a herenow.com account, you can do so at: https://herenow.com

You’ll need this account to log into the app and ther person who set up the entries will use your HereNow account to allow you to row in the lineup for the boat in the race.

After installing, you must log into the HereNow VR app with the account that is connected to your seat in a racing boat. Work with your coach to make sure that the roster member your coach used for you in the lineup has an email address that matches your herenow account.

After logging in, you will have the option of either going to the training area for a practice row or going to the live racing venues.


The training area is to go for a practice row either as a rower or a coxswain. It is important that everyone do this before race day to ensure that rowers can connect their ergs and coxswains understand how to steer their boats.

The venue for the practice area is the Rower Fun demo venue which is 1800m long. Click here for more information on the venue.

Rowers, click Connect to an Erg and Row in a Single to go for a practice row. You’ll need to connect your erg before you can enter the venue. After you enter the venue, use Just Row on your Concept 2 erg to row down the course. When you are practicing on your own, your boat will steer automatically down the race course. The demo race course is 1800m and you can get more information in the documentation for the Rower Fun Demo Venue.

Coxswains, click Practice Steering as a Coxswain to go into the venue and practice steering down a race course with other boats, buoys, and a bridge. One key difference between practice and a real race is that during practice you have a Speed slider to simulate having rowers row for you, however, during a race it is the rowers that provide your speed. The slider on the right acts as your rudder just like a rudder in a real boat. On the practice course, stay inside the buoys, use the second & third arches, and make sure you make the turn to port after the bridge. More information is available in the documentation for the Rower Fun Demo Venue.


The racing area shows all of the upcoming virtual races. Under each race you will see any entries that you have at those events.

The general timeline for racing is:
5 minutes to go – First Call: You will see a message indicating that your event is being called into the starting area.
2 minutes to go – Last Call: You have 1 more minute to enter the race venue
1 minute to go – Starting area closed for the event.

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