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This page describe what you should do to make sure that your entries and your erg are ready for racing.

Confirming Your Entries

This section describes how to confirm that your entries are set up correctly for racing.

1. Correct Login

When you log into HereNow VR, you must log in using the account that is connected to your seat in the entry registered for the race.

2. Entry Shows up in HereNow VR After Entry Registered

After you register for a race on HereNow VR, your entry will appear in the app under the regatta. If you see the entry, then you are in good shape. If you do not see the entry, then contact the person who registered you and make sure that they added you to the lineup for the boat and the email address that they used for you in the lineup matches the email address you have for your herenow account.

NOTE: If a regatta is using Regatta Central for registration, you will only start to see your entry after regular registration is closed and the entries have been pulled into HereNow.

3. Bow Number and Racing Time show in HereNow VR after Heat Sheets have been Released

After the bow draw has been done for the regatta and the schedule and heat sheets have been set, you will see that your entry is updated in HereNow VR to also include the time your race will be run. The information about your event will also include a recommended time to start up the HereNow VR app and starting window during which you will be allowed to enter into the marshalling area for the start of the live race. After the heat sheets have been released, confirm that you see your entry and that it has a bow number and race time. If you do not see your entry at all listed under the regatta in HereNow VR, then contact the person who registered your entry to confirm that they have the lineup set up correctly. If you see your entry, but you do not see that your entry has been updated with a bow number and race time, then have the person who registered the entry contact the regatta organizer to confirm that your entry is set up correctly.

Erg Setup

There are a few things we recommend when setting up your erg for racing. This section describes how to position your smartphone connected to the erg and setting up a second device for communication with other people.

Video Conferencing

When you are getting ready to race in HereNow VR, it is a good idea to have another device (computer, tablet, etc..) so that you can do a video conference to talk with regatta staff or with your team mates in a team boat. There are lots of good choices out there: Zoom is now famous, Google Meet is another good choice. Regatta staff will be using Zoom to communicate during any troubleshooting, but for communication with people in your own boat, feel free to use anything that works for you.

Concept 2 Rowing Ergometer Setup

Here is an example setup for racing on a Concept 2 Rowing Ergometer. Note the following:
1. The phone running HereNow VR is well situated on top of the monitor to be able to see the live racing information. Concept 2 sells a mount for a very low price ($1) in their online store. Highly recommended!
2. Phone is plugged in so there is no worry about running out of battery while racing.
3. Separate device for video conferencing. Having a separate device is especially important if you are rowing in a team boat so that you can row and communicate with people in your boat at the same time.

Things to Watch Out For

  1. Make sure you are not running Concept 2 ErgData in the background. It might prevent you from connecting to the erg, but it also might let you connect and then disconnect you later while you are rowing!
  2. HereNow VR is doing lots of very active 3D animation rendering and is talking on the network a lot. These two activities use a lot of energy. Make sure your phone is charged before racing or plug it in while you are racing. Doing both is a good idea, but at least one is required.

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