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Some races use HereNow for teams to register for HereNow VR races and others use Regatta Central. The following directions go over the registration process for entries coming from both types of registration systems. Ultimately, coaches must make sure they set their lineups in HereNow before race weekend in order to connect the entries to the herenow accounts of the rowers and coxswains who will be in the boats.

HereNow Registration

HereNow supplies registration services for a variety of regattas. The main registration page for a regatta looks something like this:

Main Registration Page

The four basic steps of registering an entry are:

Step 1. Update Contact Info: Update your contact information so we can get in touch if necessary. You must update your contact information before you can sign up any entries

Step 2. Add People to your Roster: Set up your roster by either entering the people or uploading a file of team members. There is a sample excel file that shows the correct format if you would like to upload team members. Note the following details for roster members:

The email address used for each roster member must match the email address on the herenow.com account for that participant. That is how they log in and are connected into the correct seats in the boats.

Supply 5K erg scores for seeding. Roster members without scores will cause the boats to be seeded more towards the back of the event.

Masters need birthdays so we can calculate handicaps

The USRowing races require USRowing Membership ID numbers. More specifically for 2020, the Virtual Fall Punchcard requires supplying your USRowing membership number

Roster Management Page

Step 3: Create Entries: Create your entries. Virtual races require lineup information in order to create the entries. However, it is common at races that you may change the lineup after registration closes if the Lineup & Personal Info deadline is after registration. See the Key Dates section for the specific dates for the regatta.

Step 4. Pay for Entries: In order for the entries to be ready for racing, they must be paid for. After creating your entries, click on the Pay… button to pay the outstanding balance for your entries.

After you’ve paid for your entries, you will receive a receipt in your email inbox.

It is only after the entries are paid for that the entries will be considered ready for racing.

You may click View All Entries at Race to see all of the people who have finished up their entry registrations.

Important Things After Registration

After you have registered, when the app becomes available, you should download the app and practice rowing and/or coxing to understand how the app works and make sure you can connect the app to your erg. Don’t wait until race day to learn how to connect your erg! For more information on how to get ready for your race, see the very important page on Setting Up For Racing.

After the regular registration period closes, the schedule and heat sheets will be published. You’ll receive an email message with your race details. Make sure you understand when your race starts so that you can be there on time.

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