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Racers need to race. That’s why we created HereNow VR Racing. Using the HereNow VR app, you can race in realtime against other people in a 3D virtual environment.

3D Race Course: The starting area of the Rower Fun practice race course

Using your iOS or Android smartphone, rowers may connect using bluetooth to Concept 2 and RP3 rowing machines. Connecting with Concept 2 ergs requires PM5 monitors in order to have the bluetooth connection. The RP3 Model T has bluetooth built in and the Model S has a separate bluetooth add on. A separate page has details on connecting to your rowing machine.

HereNow has partnered up with a number of races to recreate the racing venues as 3D environments. As of mid-September of 2020, the list includes: Head of the Oklahoma, Tail of the Lake, Head of the Schuylkill, Head of the Hooch. Check https://herenow.com/results for a list of upcoming races.

You can see information on the venues on the venues page.

You can race in HereNow VR in a variety of boat types: Singles, Doubles, Fours, and Eights.

Small boats allow one or two people to row against other people on the race course. Row on your own in a single and test your mettle against other rowers, or team up with a partner and row in a double. Singles and doubles have automatic steering which allows for passing of other boats as well as yielding to oncoming boats if necessary.

Teams may get together and row in both fours and eights. Coxswains steer the boats and execute racing strategy. Rowers erg scores combine together to power the boat. Coxswains can tell the rowers to bring the power up or down based on how they want to deal with traffic and bridges around them.

Coxswain view: coxswains use the rudder control (brown thumb slider) to steer your crew through traffic

As with normal head racing, you must stay within the buoys, maintain the traffic pattern going through bridges, and faster boats have the right of way. Penalties will be applied to crews that do not follow the rules of the race course or interfere with other crews.

Coxswains, understanding the race course is key to having a good row. Getting caught on the outside off a turn can cost precious seconds for your crew. And don’t run into the bridges; it’s not good for the boats or your race time.

The fun of the race course: It’s a straight shot to the finish after coming through the final bridge on the practice course

Go to herenow.com to register for upcoming virtual races and see the results of races as they happen.

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