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After registration in an external registration system like Regatta Central closes, the regatta pulls the entries over into HereNow and there are just a few things that a registering coach must do to finish off the entries to enable them to be used in the HereNow VR system. The entries come over to HereNow with the names of the roster members, but then the coach must indicate the HereNow account for each member of the lineup. From that point on, when a user logs into the HereNow VR app, the app can tell which entry the erg data should be connected with. This page walks a registering coach through the process of finishing off the Regatta Central entries so they may be used in HereNow VR.

1. Log into HereNow.com with an account matching your Regatta Central account

The coach that registered an entry in Regatta Central should log into HereNow with a HereNow account that matches the email address used for their Regatta Central account. If the coach has not yet created an account on HereNow, then please do so using these instructions. So if the email address of the coach who entered the entries in Regatta Central is jane.doe@email.com, then make sure you have an account on HereNow with an email of jane.doe@email.com so that things match up.

Note: When first creating your HereNow account, you will get a confirmation email to verify your email address. Please click the link in the confirmation email to verify your address.

2. On HereNow, go to the registration page for the regatta to finish off your entry setup

When the entries have been pulled into HereNow after registration finishes, you may use HereNow’s registration page to finish off the process of adding the information to your entries that enables them to be used in the HereNow VR app. To get to the registration page for do the following:

  1. In a web browser, navigate to https://herenow.com
  2. Log in with the account as describe above if you have not done so already
  3. Click Races
  4. Find your race and click “Manage Entries…”

At this point you are now in the registration page and you should see the entries that you had registered.

HereNow Home page with “Log In” button and Races link

Link to use for a race to manage entries in that race
Registration page for managing entries at a regatta

3. Ensure that each person in your roster for the race has the email address of their HereNow account

In order for each person’s phone running the HereNow VR app to connect to the server and be associated with the right boat, each person in an entry must have their HereNow account associated with their “Roster Member” in the boat and if you supply your 5K erg time, it will be used at the point that the bow draw is done. The coach who created the entries should follow these directions to fill out the information for each of the people in their roster (even if it’s just you rowing in a single).

  1. Click “Manage Team” to enter into your roster
  2. In the roster, for each person click the edit button and add in the email address that the person uses for their HereNow account and add in their 5K erg score if you have it for use in seeding the entries.
  3. Click “Back to race registration page” to return to the main registration page.

Note: If you are a coach of a large team, it is possible to import your roster information from an excel spreadsheet. Directions for how to do so are on the page and you may contact HereNow Support at support@herenow.com to get help in importing your data.

Manage Team button for editing your roster

To edit a roster member, click the edit button
Add the roster member’s email address and 5K score

4. Make sure all lineups are complete

The last step in getting entries set up is to ensure that all of your boats have lineups filled out. By associating people with each seat in the boat, the HereNow VR app knows which boat their racing in and whether the person is a rower or a coxswain. If you see that a seat is empty in your boat, then you need to fill it in with a roster member.

Empty seat needs a roster member
When the lineup is filled, your entries are ready to race

Next Steps

At this point your entries are ready for racing! The next step is to have each person in your boats verify that they see their entries in the HereNow VR app and to go for a test row to make sure they know how to connect the HereNow VR app to a rowing machine. The HereNow VR App page describes how each person may get the app and log into it. The Setting up for Racing page describes how to verify entries and other best practices to ensure a great racing experience.

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