When timing head races and time trials, we always use two electronic timing systems. Having two electronic timing systems allows for realtime verification with a minimum of data entry. Color coding in the timing screen makes the job of detecting timing anomalies easier.

Holding the screen portrait in landscape mode allows you to see the raw start and finish times. The times are color coded to make it easy to see if there are any times that do not match each other. Orange indicates that something is off, but doesn’t mean that a time is necessarily bad. A time that is red indicates that an issue needs to be addressed. If a time from one timing system is incorrect for some reason, then use the System dropdown to choose a backup time.

Time Trial Timing Landscape


When a flight starts, make the flight Active.

When a the first entry comes across the finish line, make the event Unofficial.

If any of the primary times are no good for some reason, switch to the backup time by changing the system dropdown to “2”.

Make sure that all entries have either a time or a non-ok status.

When everything is set, make the event Official.

Color Codings

Difference Color
Less than 250ms  Bold Green
250ms – 750ms  Light Green
750ms – 2 secs  Orange
2 secs – 5 secs  Red
5+ secs  Bold Red