Bow Packets for Head Races

When setting up a head race, bow numbers may be put in packets ahead of time because the bow numbers are unique. Bow number packets are often organized by the name (or email address) of the registering coach.

A spreadsheet of the bow numbers for a head race is available on the Info page in Race Director.

Bow Packets Link

The data is organized by the email address of the registering coach for ease in finding all packets for a single coach.

Bow Packets File

Additional Name Tools

The name tool had been just for copying the name of the event into the flight. However, for complex races containing many events and progressions within the events, more flexible naming tools are necessary to make it easier to create the schedule. The latest updates add tools for appending the a round name and numbering flights based on the events they are in.

Here is the new improved workflow for naming flights:

  1. Set up a number of flights based on how many you need for your schedule. The initial flights will all have the same event and same initial name “New Event”.
    Initial Flight Names
  2. Associate the flights with the proper events:
    Associate with Events
  3. Select all of the flights, click Name Tool, select the Copy Event tab:
    Copy Tool
  4. Click OK and the names of the events will be copied into the flight names:Names Copied
  5. Now append the word heat onto the heats. Click Name Tool and select the Append tab:
    Append Tool
  6. Enter the word “Heat” into the field called String to Append and then click OK. The word heat is added to all selected flights:
    Append Heat
  7. Do the same thing to append the word “Final” to all of the finals:
    Append Final
  8. Now select all of the flights you want to number (That could be all flights or maybe just the heats. We’ll just number the heats). Then click Name tool and select the Number tab:
    Number Tool
  9. Click ok and your flights are numbered:
    Number Flights

At that point your flights names are set in your schedule and you may assign bow numbers to the flights.

To make all of this easier, the Magic name tool combines a number of those steps. It will copy the event name, append the name of a round to them, and number them. So for example, to set up all flights within a round of racing, do the following:

  1. Set the event names as you normally would for the above workflow:
    Associate with Events
  2. Select the events you want to name, click Name Tool, and then select the Magic tab:
    Magic Tool
  3. Enter the round name such as “Heat”. The event name is copied, the word “Heat” is appended to the names, and the flights are numbered within their events:
    Magic Happened

Split Times

You can configure the timing system to handle split times.

Split times appear on the results page as follows:

Split times

Displaying the split times requires the use of the iPad Timer application to collect split times. To configure the Timer app to collect split times, set the proper station. Split 1 = 500m, Split 2 = 1000m, Split 3=1500m:

Split Timing Configuration

Online Heat Sheets

For 2015 we’ve done a major revamp of the online heat sheets. The changes include:

  • Combination of sprint and time trial events
  • Realtime updates during regatta
  • Support for more lanes for sprint races

The heat sheets used to support just sprint races, but now support sprint races with or without time trials, and head races:

Combined Sprint & Time Trials in heat sheets

The links for heat sheets are now active on the web site. Upon making heat sheets visible the link to the heat sheets page now appears on the races page.


Whether the flight shows up as time trial or sprint is determined by the Flight Type configured on the schedule page:

Time Trial Flight Type

The number of lanes on the heat sheet (and Bow #’s page) is driven off of the “# of Lanes” field on the Course page:

Heat Sheet Lanes

Bow Assignments

Bunch of changes to the features for assigning bow numbers….

The page formerly known as “Lanes” is now called “Bow #’s”. We made the name change because it now supports both sprints and time trials and we thought that “Bow #’s” was more generally applicable.

Bow Numbers Page

The bow assignments had previously been done on the scheduling page which only partially made sense. We have removed the bow assignment functionality from the scheduling page and it is now available solely on the Bow #’s page from the main navigation bar on the top of the screen.

Removed from Schedule Page

Next, the page now supports status changes via the status dropdown and also supports both sprints and time trials.

Time Trials vs. Sprints

Notice the horizontal layout for sprints and vertical layout for time trials.

Notice that bow assignments in either type of flight have a status dropdown associated with the entry.