A Race Director may grant access to a race to any HereNow account. Here are the steps to authorize a user for a race:

  1. If a user does not have an account send them the link to these directions on how to set up an account.
  2. Open Race Director in a web browser. Google Chrome and Apple Safari work best.
    Open Race Director
  3. Select your race
    Choose a race
  4. Navigate to the security page
    Go to Security and Add user
  5. Click on the Add Account button at the appropriate level. The type of access you grant is important. Granting Race Director access allows the account to access all of the race apps. Granting Referee access allows the account to access the Referee app and Timer app. Granting Timer access allows the account to access only the Timer app.
  6. Choose the account from the dialog box that you would like to grant access to the race. Use the search field to search for a name or email address.
    search filter
  7. Now ask the user to refresh the page to see the race in their list of races.