Chief Referee Security Controls

Chief referees can now give access to other referees at a race. By doing so, other referees may be given access to the Referee app and Timer app.

Account Levels

The different levels of permissions offer different levels of access to a race.

  • Chief Referee – May use Referee app or Timer app. May grant permissions for referees to access a race. Additional tools will become available to chief referees in the future.
  • Referee – May use the Referee app or Timer app.
  • Timer – May use the Timer app.


Important!!! When granting an account access to the race, make sure you are giving the correct person access to the race. Anyone may choose any name they want, so verify that the email address is the correct email address of the user you would like to grant access. Also, we encourage referees to get their accounts badged so that it is easier to discern official USRowing Referee accounts from other accounts. The badge appears on the users account and looks like this:


Pro Tip 1: We encourage all races using the Timer tablet application to create a single account with Timer level access to the race so that the account name and password may be given easily to all timers.

Pro Tip 2: Sometimes races will also create a Referee level account so that personnel from the LOC may help with the timing verification and launch duties.