Bow Assignments

Bunch of changes to the features for assigning bow numbers….

The page formerly known as “Lanes” is now called “Bow #’s”. We made the name change because it now supports both sprints and time trials and we thought that “Bow #’s” was more generally applicable.

Bow Numbers Page

The bow assignments had previously been done on the scheduling page which only partially made sense. We have removed the bow assignment functionality from the scheduling page and it is now available solely on the Bow #’s page from the main navigation bar on the top of the screen.

Removed from Schedule Page

Next, the page now supports status changes via the status dropdown and also supports both sprints and time trials.

Time Trials vs. Sprints

Notice the horizontal layout for sprints and vertical layout for time trials.

Notice that bow assignments in either type of flight have a status dropdown associated with the entry.

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