XHB Exhibition Status for Entries

Sometimes entries need to be allowed to race, but for some reason you’d like their time to not count. In Referee or Race Directory, mark entry with the XHB Exhibition status. The effects are the following:

  • The entry can still be timed via Finishlynx or iPad Timer app
  • The time will be marked with an XHB status on the results but the time will be shown
  • The entry will be moved down to the bottom of the results with other non-OK status entries
  • The entry will NOT be given a numbered place in the final results
  • The entry will NOT be progressed via the automated progression system.

Effect of XHB

This special status is similar to relegation in that it shows the time and moves the result to the bottom of the flight, but siffers in that REL allows placement and progression while XHB prevents placement and progression.

Effect of Relegation

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